Facial Treatments

The Classic European Facial

We begin with gentle cleansing, brushing and steaming of the face, neck and décolleté to properly prepare the skin for thorough black and whitehead extraction. Light exfoliation followed by a cool compress helps soothe and balance your skin’s pH. Relaxation continues with a facial massage using a custom blend of essential oils and microencapsulated plant extracts. A specialty mask specific to your skin type is applied and massage is performed on the neck, shoulders, upper back, décolleté, and scalp. The finishing touch includes a pore refiner, eye gel, moisturizer and sunscreen.

90 min – $108

Groomed For Success Gentleman’s Facial

Specialized skin care products treat the specific needs of our male clientele. Soothe razor wear and purify the skin with the same benefits as the Classic facial.

90 min – $108

The Custom Blended Facial

This facial incorporates many of the luxuries of our Classic European Facial in just 60 minutes. We start with a thorough cleansing, brushing, steam and extraction. A light peel is used to exfoliate dull skin followed by a custom blended mask formulated for your specific needs. Massage on the face, neck, shoulders, arms and back completes this facial. Perfect for those on our monthly skin care program or when time is of the essence. We guarantee incredible results!

60 min – $97

The Express Facial

A perfect way to give your skin a quick rejuvenation. This treatment includes a thorough cleansing, light exfoliation, facial massage and finishing skin care steps that leaves you feeling clean and refreshed. A great way to introduce your teen to the importance and benefits of good skin care. Please note that this is not an alternative for our Custom Blended or Classic Facials.

30 min – $58

Acne Facial

Our Classic facial (excluding facial massage) performed to precisely purify and strengthen your skin. High frequency electronic sterilization is included to eliminate bacteria and prevent future breakouts.

90 min – $115

Pure Glow Facial

Make them say WOW! Polish away dullness and large pores. Illuminate your skin as our natural mandelic peel creates a poreless, brighter complexion as it smoothes impurities and uneven textures. Our Classic facial does the rest as your skin exudes the beautiful benefits of our precise blends. Achieve a lifetime of results with regular treatments.

90 min – $128

Collagen Lifting Facial

Lift, tighten and firm as we incorporate a collagen serum and skin smoothing peel to our Classic facial. You receive a 3 day supply of serum to continue your treatment and ensure long lasting and amazing results.

90 min – $162


The S.T. Peel is a non-evasive, safe and painless procedure for skin resurfacing and refining. It helps with problems such as fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, sun damaged skin, uneven granular skin, enlarged pores, and superficial acne scars.

90 min – $158

60 min – $148

Pure White Lightning Facial

This unique treatment reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation brought on by sun exposure, age or hormones. Our Classic European techniques combined with the technology of our Physiodermie blend renders a lighter, more even skin tone after just one treatment.

90 min – $152

Oxygen Facial  ♥  CUSTOMER FAVORITE  ♥

The TOP beauty trick used by the rich and famous is the Oxygen Facial. Now you too can look and feel as good as the A-list celebs who have made the Oxygen Facial their “must have” for red carpet events. This treatment will do it all!!! Experience the power of our Oxygen Facial using Acqua Nano technology and marvel at the incredible results! Our Oxygen Facial addresses a number of skin conditions including dark spots, sagging or wrinkled skin, acne, and scarring. Minimize dark circles and feel smoother skin in just one treatment!

Approximately 90 min – $169         Collagen add On $30

Compu-Lift Micro Current Treatment

Delay or totally avoid the need for more invasive treatments. We start with cleansing and exfoliating the skin to prepare it for the lifting procedure. Anti-aging and hydrating serums are applied and three phases, called “liftings,” are performed using micro-currents. These micro-currents work in harmony with natural bioelectrical currents found in your body to reconstruct muscle tissue, stretching or tightening

as necessary, providing immediate results. Look 10 years younger!

Approximately 60 min – $148         Combine with our Four-Layer Face Lift Peel for incredible results. Packages are available.

The Four-Layer Face Lift Peel

When you need to look your best and don’t have a lot of time, this incredible treatment is perfect! Image, the official skin care of Miss USA and Miss Universe, delivers a treatment that will lift, lighten, and leave your skin looking radiant! AHA and BHA exfoliants, vitamin C, Hyaluronic acid and more, combine to create a magic potion that will transform any skin type. Aging skin? Not with Image!

Approximately 30 min – $64

Lamprobe Treatment

With the use of Non-Invasive Radio Vaporization, this treatment will safely and precisely remove minor skin irregularities. Extremely effective for Cholesterol Deposits; Spider Naevi; small, raised Fibromas; Skin Tags; Cherry Angiomas; and Broken Capillaries. Lamprobe cosmetic procedures are quick and will take years off your appearance!

30 Minutes removes approximately 12 irregularities $120

Gold Collagen Cream Mask – *NEW!

Korean Skin is In!!! In search of the beauty secrets of your favorite K Drama stars? We’ve got you covered! Introducing our newest skinchanging find. Our gold cream modeling mask from Korea takes the sheet mask to a whole new level. Indulge your skin in this anti-wrinkle mask that contains proteins and a vegetable elasticity factor to deliver tighter, younger, and wrinkle free skin. By activating the gold cream and powder just before application, the mask will mold to your skin creating a seal to ensure maximum penetration of essential active ingredients.

90 min – $169         60 min – $135