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Massage Therapies


Traditional technique using long, gentle strokes to help improve circulation and overall well-being. A light to medium pressure massage, this technique helps relieve tension and relax tense, tired muscles.

60 min – $85 | 90 min – $115

Lomi Lomi

Traditional Hawaiian massage using continuous flowing strokes to achieve balance of the mind, body and spirit. A medium pressure massage, this technique helps to

revitalize your energy flow.

60 min – $85 | 90 min – $115


For those with an active lifestyle, this massage helps prevent injury while improving mobility and flexibility. Boost your performance with this invigorating treatment.

60 min – $85 | 90 min – $115


Deep Tissue

This technique uses firm pressure and a kneading motion to help target specific muscle groups. Tension relief and enhanced blood circulation are the results of this powerful massage.

60 min – $85 | 90 min – $115


Enjoy this wondrous experience to the fullest with the caring touch which provides the ultimate relaxation for the deserving mother-to-be. This massage helps improve circulation and relieve the tension in the lower back and legs.

60 min – $85 | 90 min – $115

*Aromatherapy Upgrade: Enhance the result of your massage by adding on our in-house custom blended aromatherapy. Your chosen blend will work to increase relaxation, soothe tension, and create a better energy flow. Deliciously stimulate your senses.